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Gratiot County Community Mental Health


Welcome to Gratiot County Community Mental Health. We are your local agency for mental health services, and a member of the Mid-State Health Network (MSHN), a family of community mental health and substance use disorder providers joined together to give you access to quality care. Our website is here to provide important information about the services available to residents of Gratiot County.

Mission Statement
Empowering individuals, through supportive services, to improve the quality of their lives.

Vision Statement
Gratiot County Community Mental Health serves as a leader in partnership with our community where everyone’s quality of life is valued, has meaning, and where each person is treated with dignity and respect. This leadership includes shared collaborative efforts and empowering individuals through recovery oriented, supportive services.


  • Mar 17

    Client Advisory Panel

    The mission of the Gratiot County Community Mental Health Client Advisory Panel is to aid in improving the quality of services provided by giving clients a voice in service delivery and agency operations.

  • May 18

    Walk-a-mile Rally


Gratiot County Community Mental Health


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